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About Us

Do you believe in cookie fairies? We do!

At Sugary Charm, we’ve been baking delicious sugar cookies with the cookie fairies for as long as we can remember…

But, our biggest pleasure comes from introducing people just like you to the magic of cookie creation - by offering you the best cookie imprint cutters to create your own delicious cookies.

That’s why when we put together our cookie cutter shop, we wanted to make sure you had an extensive selection of charming cookie shapes to choose from.

Food Safe and Cookie Fairy Approved

Made using food safe materials, our cookie cutters are cookie fairy approved! Unlike the standard metal cutter, our cookie cutter cuts, shapes and imprints the dough, making a unique cookie that’s fun and easy to decorate with your own personal touches. 

Cookie Cutters for Kids

Kids love shaping cookies with an easy to use cookie cutter. We’ve got plenty of fun themes on offer - from airplanes to super heroes to Happy Birthday cookie cutters. You’ll look forward to baking days filled with sugary dreams.

Make Lasting Impressions

Cards are thoughtful but you’ll make a lasting impression with an imprinted cookie that sweetly announces the stork’s arrival with “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl”. And what better way to show your appreciation than a batch of scrumptious cookies embossed with a “Thank you" message. 

Who uses Sugary Charm Cookie Cutters?

Moms, dads, teachers, wedding and party planners, co-workers, sports fans - anyone looking for a sweet way to celebrate special occasions and make holidays more fun. Pet lovers can create homemade doggie treats that always get pawz-itive reviews.

Order a Custom Cookie Cutter

Can’t find what you are looking for? Just send us an image or photo of your design, including the width and height (in inches) to and we’ll prepare a custom cookie cutter just for you.

Take your cookie baking to new levels and impress your family, friends and co-workers. To find out more about how to order a custom cookie cutter, visit our custom orders page.

And always remember to … share the Sugary Charm!