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Have a Tricky and Scary Halloween

Halloween cookie cutter

There’s nothing more haunting than Creeping of an Ugly Witch riding on her broom in the light of the moon.

Trick or Treat? Get ready to experience more terror this Halloween. Mounting between Life and Death, Halloween is a time of Celebration, Mystery, Superstition and Magic. It is believed that this day will mark the beginning of Winter season, and this is the time when the bridge between the World of Living and Dead allows dead people to come on Earth. The Ghosts, Vampires, Witches, Goblins and many more evil spirits roam all over on Earth on this day.

When one talks about a witch, what comes to our mind?

An Ugly old man with conical hat dressed up in jet black riding on her broomstick. According to belief, her hat represents evil. And the broomstick is magical. Apart from this, she spread evil by black magic spells.

Halloween is a day for evil spirits to live life on Earth after death. That’s the reason everything goes with the evil dark theme. People dress up to resemble them so that if they encounter one, they remain unharmed by them. People behave like dead and enjoy food, dance, decoration-everything under the same theme.

It is also believed that for avoiding any evil spirit to enter into your house, you must keep something delicious outside your house. Since its day of evil spirits, cooking food by keeping them in mind is a nice idea. Let’s bribe the Witch with delicious Cookies to stay out of your house.

So are your ready to bake Cookies to lure the ugly Witch with Halloween Witch Hat Cookies?


Ingredients are just the same as so is the recipe. Here’s the short recipe for baking Halloween special Witch Hat Cookies along with icing style:

  • Prepare Cookie dough. Roll out the dough and cut cookies using Halloween Witch Hat Cookie Cutter.
  • Bake cookies and cool completely on cooling grid.
  • Prepare royal icing along with a shade of green, yellow, black, orange and violet colors.
  • Outline the hat in black or violet. Fill in the hat with thinned icing in a cut parchment bag and allow to get dry.
  • Put orange or violet in hat band with outlining of the frame in green or yellow.

Show spooky love to all with special Halloween Witch Hat Cookies decorated in different styles..

You can also bake Halloween Witch Broomstick shaped Cookies, Witch Shaped Cookies, Bubbling Cauldron Cookies and much more to enjoy this day of fear and mystery. At last, “Witch You All a Happy Halloween”.

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