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Feel the Magic of Disney Land with Cookies

under the sea cookie cutter

Going for the Ariel’s undersea adventure?
You must be excited and anxious about the dark ride, the music and the beauty of the building that would provide you with the serenity and happiness.  

As we all believe in an existence of a parallel universe of life under the sea, we are ready to show our faith in the imaginary world like that of the Little Mermaid in the Disney World.

Enjoying the movie is not enough, bake cookies with Under the Sea Cookie Cutter, go for holidays in the Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure and in Fantasy Land at Walt Disney World of Magic Kingdom

Fantasy Land being a part of the park for the younger Disney crowd is perfect for your children to learn new interesting things and enjoy the fairy world adventures. The top attractions of the Fantasy Land are divided under two categories the Enchanted tree and Story Book Circus. In the Enchanted Forest, one can enjoy being in the Prince Eric Castle, have food in incredible dining rooms, take photos and autographs of the undersea princess, and much more. While in the Storybook Circus, take to the sky on a plane adventure with the Great Goofini, dance with Dumbo and enjoy a cooling refreshment at the circus.

under the sea cookie cutter

In Paradise Pier in Disney California, you will get amused by the Mickey’s Fun Wheel and Toy Story Midway Mania.

This time spend with your family will bring more sweetness in your life. When talking about sweetness and imagination, how can one forget about the cookies. Children love to have cookies, and when made with cookies cutters of SugaryCharm, it adds more fun to it.

Experience the life under the sea and in the magic land with Under the Sea Cookie Cutter collection, Princess, Unicorn and Princess Castle Cookie Cutter collection, Pirates Cookie Cutter collection and so on.
So, pack your bags and go for the dark rides and other adventures as it a passage to the different new world.

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